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Buying Bajan: Mood Buddy

It had been my intention to do a week of features of local products, however, life got in the way. Instead, I will intersperse a few articles about local entrepreneurs in between as many articles as I can muster this month.

First up this week is the Mood Buddy. I was first introduced to this concept at the recent BMEX exhibition. Young entrepreneur, Vanetta Loncke very patiently explained the concept to me and my three very intrigued children.


Mood Buddy Display


My first reaction to the small figurines was that they were reminiscent of the Littlest Pet Shop and similar brands, however, Vanetta’s product offers a little more. The 27-year old mother of two and recent graduate of the Barbados Community College’s Graphic Art programme, explained that the key ring and its accompanying figure are intended to be unique, fun and collectible. The figures on the key rings are meant to be customisable, reflecting the moods of their 6 to 13-year old girls, the product’s target market. The Mood Buddy, as its name suggests, is expected to be a constant companion and reflection of the inner thoughts of its owner.

Vanetta Loncke - Mood BuddyThere are varying attachments available to mirror a child’s mood, but also different characters to reflect individual personalities. According to Vanetta, they are:

Punk Rock Ahri, who is very bold and always speaks her mind,
Free Spirited Laney, who is very friendly, bubbly and always looking for fun, and
Marine Love Nami, who loves the beach and all marine life, and is very easy going and laid back.

The Mood Buddy should be available for sale around August at the Art Hub, and eventually at other retail stores. Vanetta also envisions an app which would allow the digital customisation of the product.

The Mood Buddy is creative, local, and captures the imagination of children and Vanetta is an avid advocate for her creation. I look forward to seeing the progress of this young entrepreneur and the success of the locally-produced Mood Buddy.