Barbados Secondary School Entrance Examination (Common Entrance) 2015 – Secondary Schools Ranking and Percentages

This year’s BSSEE will take place on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. I have been getting questions about percentages to get into certain secondary schools. This list is incomplete (no statistics for Alma Parris, Darryl Jordan Secondary or. Grantley Adams Memorial) but here is what has been accumulated thus far from different sources. Out of zone requirements are in bold print. Also notice that the rankings are slightly different from what was obtained from last year’s town hall meetings.

1. Harrison College (90-95%; 95%+) – Zone 2

1. Queen’s College (90-95%; 95%+) – Zone 1

3. St. Michael School (85-90%; 90%+) – Zone 3

4. Combermere School (80-85%; 85%+) – Zone 2

4. Christ Church Foundation School (80-85%; 85%+) – Zone 3

6. Lodge School (70-80%; 80%+) – Zone 3

6. Alexandra (70-80%; 80%+) – Zone 1

8. Deighton Griffith (65-75%; 75%+) – Zone 3

9. Alleyne School ( 60-70%; 70&+) – Zone 2

10. Coleridge & Parry (55-65%; 65%+) – Zone 1

11. Graydon Sealy ( 50-60%;  60%+) – Zone 3

11. Lester Vaughn ( 50-60%;  60%+) – Zone 2

13. Ellerslie (45-55%; 55%+) – Zone 1

14. Springer Memorial (50%+) – All Zones

14. St. Leonard’s Boys’ (50%+) – All Zones

16) Frederick Smith Secondary (30-40%; 40%+) – Zone 1

17) Parksinson Memorial (25-40%; 40%+) – Zone 2

17) Princess Margaret Secondary (25-40%; 40%+) – Zone 3


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  1. If the child has marks for a school in zone 2 but is in zone 3 what will u let the child go to

    • Good evening, Alicia, thank you for your comment. I am so horribly behind in responding to everyone and I apologise. As you may have learned by now the ministry of Education is insisting that students remain in their ones. You can appeal for a transfer after a year.

  2. Anderson Griffith

    are the entry marks the same for both boys and girls

    • Hello Anderson. So sorry for the delay. Years ago there was a difference between the genders, such was not stipulated at the town hall meeting, but I can check on that for you; or, if by now you have found the answer, please feel free to share with your fellow readers.

  3. I am still a bit confuse on how the schools are chosen do they start from choice # 1 and come down or from the Zone choice. eg. if you chose QC as your first choice in your zone and e.g Combermere as out of zone, the child got QC marks in his/her zone, where would they send the child to Combermere as first choice or QC as fist choice in zone

    • Hello AG. It is a mixture but choice takes precedent. So if your child has QC marks and QC is the first choice, then it is to QC that your child will go, but there are some provisos.

      What is tricky is what constitutes “QC marks” since they change from year to year. Those who have QC as first choice and live in the zone have the best advantage. Then all the top-marked students, wherever they live, will be accommodated once there are allocated spots available. So, for example, if there are 150 spots and a child’s marks makes 151, then that child goes to the second choice.

  4. So if their are 150 say spots at QC and 200 got QC marks and had QC as their first choice and ALL live in the SAME zone what is going to happen with 50 of them ?

    • Hello Harry. Technically there you cannot say that they are “Queen’s College” marks, although I understand what you mean. Basically the first 150 with the highest marks will get their first choice and the other 50 will get their second choice.

  5. Hello. If a child’s marks are less that the first choice but greater than the third choice how will the child be allocated seeing as the second choice is out of their zone. Will that child still be placed in the second choice school?

    • Hello. The child will go to their second choice even if it is out of zone. It is their second choice, full stop. Allowances would not have been made by the Ministry of Education for two out of zone choices if they would not be honoured.

      I hope this helps.

  6. So if the child’s first choice is Combermere and u live in lodge hill will me as a student go there

  7. I am in zone 3. If i got 164.52 what school i can get to.

    • Sorry, Brown eyes, but the entry requirements change from year to year so there are no guarantees. What is posted on this blog are just guidelines based on a previous year.

  8. Are these marks still accurate for the schools because I know children going to some of the schools with less marks that I’m seeing here

  9. Hello; I was of the understanding that the two out of zone choices must be the top 2 choices but your response to the previous question suggests that I am incorrect. How exactly does it work? Is it clear on the layout of the form?

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