Email update

Dear readers,

Thank you for your emails and I apologise for the delay in my responses. I have just completed answering the last of the backlog from the last couple of months so you may check your email for my answers to your questions. If you have any follow-up questions, please feel free to ask.

The majority of questions this time around have been in regards to doctor recommendations. Please note that questions about doctor recommendations will be answered privately and will not be published for the protection of the doctors themselves. (View this link)

Thank you again for reading and I wish you and yours all the best for the season.

Best regards,

Bajan Mom

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  1. Sorry I think I may have posted my question in the wrong section earlier. I wanted to post it on the “Ask” section. I was just wondering what name Bajans use to refer to their mothers when talking to them. Would it be “Ma,” or “Mum” or Mom”? Or any of the above? Thank you so much!

    • Hello, A.B., as it is in so many other cultures, different Barbadians refer to their mothers by various monikers. There is Mum, Mummy, Ma, Mama . . . and a variety of pet names that are specific to certain families. It is also dependent on the ages of your character. E.g. older characters may possibly use Ma-Ma or Ma-muh or Ma, while younger characters may use Mum and Mummy.

      Then, one must consider names that are multi-generational. For example, certain matriarchal names can be passed down from generation to generation. In the end, it is your choice as a writer, but I hope this helps.

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