Where Will You Take Your Child this Summer? Tyrol Cot & Heritage Village Summer Blast Reading Camp

Good morning! Again, I have been reading your emails and I appreciate the positive responses. There seems to be a consensus that I should post more often, and I do try, but it is not always possible to post with great frequency due to my other responsibilities. I encourage you to keep checking back daily. You, my faithful readers, are never forgotten, and your encouragement helps to keep this blog alive. I will keep my promise to tell you about more camps this morning by adding another to the list. The Tyrol Cot & Heritage Village Summer Blast Camp. From what I gather there is a reading camp and an action & adventure camp. The camp is usually situated at Tyrol Cot in Codrington Hill but there is an additional camp this year in Bank Hall. Tyrol Cot Camp Information may be found in the registration form above and also on their Facebook page. I have heard some encouraging things about this camp, so why not check it out? It is always good to have options. Have a blessed Sunday.


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  1. Alison Brathwaite

    Hi Bajan Mom, my Bajan-Yankee kids will be in Bim for the month of June and I am wondering if you know of any summer camps that begin in June. Other wise they will make Grandma insane. They are 9 and 7. Thanks

    • I am sorry, Alison Brathwaite. First of all, for now getting the chance to respond, and also, I do not know of any summer camps which start in June for that age group since school will still be in session at that time.

      In July, however, you will find a variety of sporting camps, adventure camps, and even reasonably priced government summer camps.

      Maybe one of our readers may see this post and have some ideas. I wish you the best.

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