Congratulations continue

In this morning’s (June 12, 2014) edition of the Nation newspaper, Minister of Education Ronald Jones congratulated all of the students who sat the Common Entrance examination but expressed concern about the need for the challenges students face in Mathematics and English to be addressed. It was noted that out of 3,729 students, there were only 22 who gained 100% in Mathematics. This does not discount the efforts of any of the other children, since all children who sat the exam should be commended for reaching this milestone.

The names of those 22 were not mentioned but special congratulations to you all the same.

Also, kudos to the top performers in English, whose names were published:

Rehanna King – Eagle Hall Primary School

Jamilah Best – Hindsbury Primary School

Kacie Corbin – St. Winifred’s School

Jamie-Lynn Taitt-Gibson – Charles F. Broome Memorial School

Aria Kellman – West Terrace Primary School

Yohance Lewis – St. Cyprian’s Boys’ School

Teshara Walton – George Lamming Primary School

Aisha Waterman – St. Gabriel’s School

Leanne Alleyne – Hindsbury Primary School

Shamoya Carty – Wills Primary School

Thelema Grannum – Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School

Oluwatomi Oredein – People’s Cathedral Primary School

Sunshine Talma – Wills Primary School


Good job, children. Well done.

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