This week, in the spirit of BMEX, Bajan Mom will feature Bajan entrepreneurs and products that Barbadian mothers and their children would enjoy. Let us support our own and buy Bajan!

Alicia Tull - The Lady Caker

Alicia Tull – The Lady Caker

If you love baking programmes such as “Cake Boss,” you will love the artistic deliciousness from The Lady Caker herself, Ms. Alicia Tull. Her business, the eponymous The Lady Caker, creates edible 3D cakes and treats appropriate for several occasions, whether weddings, parties, or other celebrations. As a mother, I knew I would need to keep her business card handy for the next birthday to be celebrated in my household.

Hand painted sugar flower cake


Dedicated to her craft, Ms. Tull produces works of art in cake. Two particular cakes caught my eye, the white cake, accented with orange and green hues, which was hand-painted and adorned with sugar flowers . . .

. . . and the sophisticated leopard print hand bag with complementing bronze-coloured shoes which looked good enough to wear, although meant for consumption. Bag and Shoe cake details



The Lady Caker’s repertoire does not end with cakes, a variety of pastries are available as well, such as cupcakes, whoopee pies, brownies and cookies. Ms. Tull makes a point to incorporate local products wherever possible, as is evident with her golden apple pie and pumpkin cheese cake, both of which I had the opportunity to sample.

Golden apple pie

Golden apple pie

I liked the idea of using local fruit in pies, and the golden apple pie is a great idea, and palatable. The crust is light enough without tasting pasty, however, there was a sweetness I anticipated in the filling which was missing. Riper fruit may be the missing ingredient. I would love to try this treat again when golden apples are in season.
The pièce de résistance was the pumpkin cheesecake, made with Barbadian belly pumpkin. The texture was smooth and the flavor of the pumpkin was delicate, subtle, yet the overall richness shouted, this is cheesecake! This is a treat that I would eat again and again if I did not have a waistline to consider.
The Lady Caker has a booth at BMEX so it is not too late for you to check it out this evening or tomorrow. Can’t make it to BMEX? Well check out more of Ms Tull’s masterpieces, on her facebook page or her Waterford, St. Michael location. She also has options for diabetics and vegetarians.

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