Ask Bajan Mom: OB/GYN information


Q: Dear Bajan Mom,
I really like your listing of Doctors on your blog and noted your disclaimer about not being able to list recommendations.
I was going to Dr. Greaves (who I loved) and learned that he will no longer be delivering babies in 2015 and mine is due early January.
I am now looking for a new Obstetrician and would love to know the feedback you’ve had on this list that do deliveries at Bayview.
Appreciate you sharing your feedback. I’ve not been able to find information on where any of them have studied or practiced etc.
Dr Eltora Bennett
Dr Nigel Best
Dr James Boyce
Dr Carlos Chase
Dr Donn Greaves (retiring from deliveries Dec ’14)
Dr Raymond Maughan
Dr Garth Mclntyre
Dr Agatha Scholar
Dr Maurice Smith
Dr. Tracey Archer (believe she also delivers at Bayview).


Thanks in advance,
A: Dear J,

Thank you for your kind email. As I mentioned in my private response to you, there is only one on the list I am sure of, the others I will research on your behalf. I will also appeal to the readers to assist, some of them in the medical field themselves.

Best regards,

Bajan Mom

Any of these medical practitioners who may be reading, or any patients or former patients of theirs, feel free to comment or send me an email at Let us help J have one less stressor during this precious time in her life.


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  1. Hey, I am 27 years and I have just receive a BFP on my first response pregnancy test, this will be my 1st pregnancy, at least I hope it is. I wanted to find out if there are certain doctors who you go to when your pregnant or can any type of doctor work because I would normally go to a doc nearby for any other health issues. Please help because I need to schedule my 1st appointment asap.

    • Hi Cherry. Congratulations, and thank you for your question. While general or family practitioners are knowledgeable, it is best to make an appointment with an obstetrician. You can choose from ob/gyns on this list I will also send an email to the address you provided with some reviews I have been given about some of these practitioners.

      I wish you all the best and a healthy pregnancy

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