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Where Will You Take Your Child This Weekend?

Concert ticket no number


This is late notice, but better late than never. Here is something you can check out today at Anne Johnson Auditorium, St. Gabriel’s School, just off Purity Bakeries in Lower Collymore Rock, St. Michael.

It is a classical concert with a twist. Even better, it is for a worthy cause, to raise funds for young musicians pursuing their dreams to study music overseas. In the midst of beautiful traditional pieces by composers such as Bach, Brahms, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, rendered on various instruments such as the piano, clarinet, saxophone, flute and violin, there will be vocal pieces of non-classical origin and even rhythm poetry.

The young musicians themselves, Erica Ellis and Jaron Boyce will perform, as well as several guest artistes including the multi-talented and prolific Roger Gittens and the Cecilian Chorale.

Although tickets are on sale, feel free to pay at the door. Adult tickets are $15.00 and children $10.00.

Last weekend I took my 11 year old to a Royal Barbados Police Force Band concert and she completely enjoyed their wide repertoire, from classical, to Broadway tunes, to folk songs to calypso. Music appreciation is a crucial part of any child’s well-rounded development, so why not take your child to a concert today?


“Where Will You Be Taking Your Child This Weekend?” is a weekly feature of suggestions of places to go in Barbados that is appropriate family fare. Check back every Thursday and see where you will take your child over the weekend.





Where Will You Take Your Child This Summer?

Summer vacation is upon us and parents are looking for educational options for their children over the nine week holiday. There are several options available. Some options are whole-day and some half-day. There are opportunities to do sports, science and even some volunteering. Take a look at the list below and see what you will be doing with your child this summer.



Children and one of the cats at the RSPCA.

Children and one of the cats at the RSPCA.

Let us start with my personal favourite, volunteering! The RSPCA welcomes volunteers (from age 11 and up) during the summer vacation from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.. If you are interested in your child having this worthwhile experience, please call 426-3077.

National Summer Camp

The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth offers its annual summer camp option from July 14 – August 15, 2014. Those who are interested may collect registration forms from the schools listed in the file below or at the National Camps Registration Centre, Division of Youth, Sky Mall, Haggatt Hall, St. Michael. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. For more information you may call 621-2700.


Specialised camps

As one can see, there are specialised camps as well for campers who are 13 – 15 years old; an entrepreneurial camp sponsored by the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme; a camp for children with special needs and a Science & Technology camp. The latter camp runs from July 14 – August 22, 2014. See above file for contact information.

A camp which was not aforementioned is an Information Technology Camp. This is for children who are aged 14 – 18. The programme, also known as ITS for Teens, runs from July 21 – August 29, 2014 at various resource centres nationwide. For more information contact the Community Development Department at 310-1700 or 310-1708.


If you have a summer programme you want everyone to know about, send an email to


A note about emails

Dear Readers,

I forgot to mention this in my last post. I get several emails from you all which I greatly appreciate. I have been asked why some specific emails have not been published. What I do is select an email that epitomises questions asked by a group of readers and answer in that way. I also try to privately answer as many individual emails as I can as well.

I know some of you may have created pseudonyms and emails to match to protect your identity and expect to see your question posted. Please, I humbly ask, that when you create these pseudo-emails that you check them. I may not have published a reply on the blog but actually answered your question privately instead.

Thank you for your time, patience and understanding.

Best regards,

Bajan Mom

Where Will You Take Your Child Update

Dear Readers,

I have read your emails. I apologise for no feature last week due to technical difficulties and a busy schedule. To make it up to you, look out for a special feature later today called: “Where Will You Take Your Child This Summer?” with information on summer camps.

I wish you a most blessed day.

Best regards,

Bajan Mom

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Master of your fate,

Guardian of theirs.

A champion in their eyes,

You do not sink, only rise

To every occasion,

No need for persuasion,

More than duty,


You are just who

They need you to be:

The man that they call


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Congratulations continue

In this morning’s (June 12, 2014) edition of the Nation newspaper, Minister of Education Ronald Jones congratulated all of the students who sat the Common Entrance examination but expressed concern about the need for the challenges students face in Mathematics and English to be addressed. It was noted that out of 3,729 students, there were only 22 who gained 100% in Mathematics. This does not discount the efforts of any of the other children, since all children who sat the exam should be commended for reaching this milestone.

The names of those 22 were not mentioned but special congratulations to you all the same.

Also, kudos to the top performers in English, whose names were published:

Rehanna King – Eagle Hall Primary School

Jamilah Best – Hindsbury Primary School

Kacie Corbin – St. Winifred’s School

Jamie-Lynn Taitt-Gibson – Charles F. Broome Memorial School

Aria Kellman – West Terrace Primary School

Yohance Lewis – St. Cyprian’s Boys’ School

Teshara Walton – George Lamming Primary School

Aisha Waterman – St. Gabriel’s School

Leanne Alleyne – Hindsbury Primary School

Shamoya Carty – Wills Primary School

Thelema Grannum – Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School

Oluwatomi Oredein – People’s Cathedral Primary School

Sunshine Talma – Wills Primary School


Good job, children. Well done.

Where Will You Be Taking Your Child This Weekend? Barbados Concorde Experience


Barbados Concorde Experience (2)


British Airways is celebrating its 60th anniversary in Barbados. This brings to mind its erstwhile plane of legend which graced the island for several years, the renown Concorde.

A couple of years ago, on a brief holiday to Barbados, my family and I visited the Barbados Concorde Experience. It was a rare opportunity for us to view the iconic supersonic aircraft. Again, this is a chance for education outside of the school setting. Children learn about the historic ties between Great Britain and Barbados while getting a lesson in aviation.

The cockpit

The cockpit

Besides tour guides and films, visitors are given the occasion to board the aircraft. If you have not gone to see it before, why not make the trip to Grantley Adams International Airport and check out the sleek Alpha Echo? You may find more information here.



Alpha Echo herself

Alpha Echo herself



“Where Will You Be Taking Your Child This Weekend?” is a weekly feature of suggestions of places to go in Barbados that is appropriate family fare. Check back every Thursday and see where you will take your child over the weekend.

Secondary School Placement & Transfers

OK. So I awake this morning to questions about transfers.

As far as I recall, transfers are not allowed in the first year after the examination. Reallocation is only considered on humanitarian grounds, such as if a student lives in St. Lucy, passes for St. Leonard’s Boys’ School in St. Michael but suffers from motion sickness, then an exemption can be made.

While this rule may frustrate some parents, I want to share with you the advice that I gave my child before sitting the examination. “I know you worked hard, so wherever you go, I will be satisfied. If it is not a school you wanted, there is no need to worry. Just forget any distractions, buckle down and continue to work hard, and the world is your oyster. You can do anything, be anything.”

Yes, there are rankings, but if a child goes to any school and has a good work ethic, he or she will be successful. I went to University with students whose alma maters were the full spectrum of secondary schools. Some had gone to secondary schools at which Barbadian society may turn up its nose, but they excelled there, went on to 6th form schools or Barbados Community College, then University and are quite successful in life, in some cases, more successful than those who had gone on to more prestigious schools when they were 11.

Not only do children develop at different rates, but going to the school one does not want can actually make one work harder for what one wants. There is no need to be discouraged. The Common Entrance is not the end, in fact, it is just the beginning. The work truly starts now.

Of course, if you consider all I said before to be hogwash, you can always apply for a transfer next year.

Common Entrance Results Are Back

Parents all across the island will be breathing a collective sigh of relief as the BSSEE (Common Entrance) results have been released. Congratulations to all of those hard-working students, encouraging parents and dedicated teachers.

Special kudos go to the top 10 students:

Jamie-Lynn Taitt-Gibson, Kacie Corbin, Yohance Lewis, Thelema Grannum, Shamoya Carty, Vanati Melwani, Rheanna King, Abeo Edinboro, Aisha Waterman and Shaliyah Wood of these respective primary schools:

Charles F. Broome Memorial School

St. Winifred’s School

St. Cyprian’s Boys’ School

Hillaby Turner’s Hall Primary School

Wills Primary School

St. Angela’s Primary School

Eagle Hall Primary School

St. Gabriel’s Primary School

Wesley Hall Junior School


This week, in the spirit of BMEX, Bajan Mom will feature Bajan entrepreneurs and products that Barbadian mothers and their children would enjoy. Let us support our own and buy Bajan!

Alicia Tull - The Lady Caker

Alicia Tull – The Lady Caker

If you love baking programmes such as “Cake Boss,” you will love the artistic deliciousness from The Lady Caker herself, Ms. Alicia Tull. Her business, the eponymous The Lady Caker, creates edible 3D cakes and treats appropriate for several occasions, whether weddings, parties, or other celebrations. As a mother, I knew I would need to keep her business card handy for the next birthday to be celebrated in my household.

Hand painted sugar flower cake


Dedicated to her craft, Ms. Tull produces works of art in cake. Two particular cakes caught my eye, the white cake, accented with orange and green hues, which was hand-painted and adorned with sugar flowers . . .

. . . and the sophisticated leopard print hand bag with complementing bronze-coloured shoes which looked good enough to wear, although meant for consumption. Bag and Shoe cake details



The Lady Caker’s repertoire does not end with cakes, a variety of pastries are available as well, such as cupcakes, whoopee pies, brownies and cookies. Ms. Tull makes a point to incorporate local products wherever possible, as is evident with her golden apple pie and pumpkin cheese cake, both of which I had the opportunity to sample.

Golden apple pie

Golden apple pie

I liked the idea of using local fruit in pies, and the golden apple pie is a great idea, and palatable. The crust is light enough without tasting pasty, however, there was a sweetness I anticipated in the filling which was missing. Riper fruit may be the missing ingredient. I would love to try this treat again when golden apples are in season.
The pièce de résistance was the pumpkin cheesecake, made with Barbadian belly pumpkin. The texture was smooth and the flavor of the pumpkin was delicate, subtle, yet the overall richness shouted, this is cheesecake! This is a treat that I would eat again and again if I did not have a waistline to consider.
The Lady Caker has a booth at BMEX so it is not too late for you to check it out this evening or tomorrow. Can’t make it to BMEX? Well check out more of Ms Tull’s masterpieces, on her facebook page or her Waterford, St. Michael location. She also has options for diabetics and vegetarians.