BUSINESS REVIEW: Electronics on Edge

Electronics on Edge

                 When we returned to Barbados, my husband and I regretted that we did not buy unlocked cell phones before we had left the US. Our old phones definitely needed an upgrade, and at the time, we had not been familiar with the stores that unlocked cell phones so a purchase was definitely needed (since then I have seen unlocking services offered by stores in Swan Street and another on St. Micahel’s Rowe. I went online and researched phone prices, plans and special promotions offered by the island’s two cellular service providers, Digicel and LIME. Since many people we knew had a Digicel phone, it was more cost-effective for us to subscribe to their services but purchasing a phone from that company, or its rival, did not seem to be the most economic. After some online research and discussions with some good friends, we settled on purchasing our new phones from Electronics on Edge in Bridgetown, a retail enterprise that sells electronics and accessories.

                             The store is easy to find, opposite Cave Shepherd underneath its monochromatic sign. As I entered, I was struck by its clean simplicity. It is a bright, narrow space lined with long glass display cases on either side, shelves gracing one of its walls, and the customer service desk straight ahead, fully in the customer’s line of vision from the entrance.

                             I said “Good morning” to the young ladies near the entrance, sitting behind the glass cases to my right. One mumbled, the others said nothing. Not a good first impression. I went to the customer service desk where I was greeted, with a smile, by two others. I knew what I wanted and asked for it. The products were brought to me, by the mumbling young lady from the beginning of my experience, so that I could inspect them. Once I was satisfied, one of the customer service ladies told me she would give me the phones at a particular price. A good sales tactic which made it seem as if I was getting a good deal, which would have worked if I had not pored over their website for days and was already aware that the price she offered was the asking price. I smiled, made my purchase and signed under the 3 month warranty offered by the store on its phones. I would be remiss not to mention the free screen protector that I was given and that the young lady who showed me the phones turned out to be quite polite. I left the store pleased.

                             Unfortunately, the phones had a few issues that were diagnosed after purchase. In synopsis, after the technician did his best to figure out what was going on, the phones were exchanged with no problems. The technician was polite and professional. He answered all of my questions fully, which was helpful. I had been unable to go back to the store myself to exchange my phone, but my husband, who did so for me, reported that the owner himself was apologetic. We were also given adapters for our phone chargers since one was designed for Latin American electrical outlets and the other for Asian ones. It also gives a clue to why Electronics on Edge can afford to be fairly reasonably priced.

                             Since then I returned and purchased iPad accessories which are serving me well. Overall, Electronics on Edge is a valid option in cellphone retail. The store presents well, reminding me of the smooth edges of the electronics it sells. The products are properly displayed and easy to find. The business also has integrity, honouring its warranties and investigating issues thoroughly. The technician is knowledgeable, and he and the ladies behind the customer service desk are professional.

                             The kink in E on E’s armour would be the ladies in the front. They are the store’s first representatives and it would help if they are more engaging; nothing that some customer service training cannot correct. In the end, I give Electronics on Edge three and a half Barbados flags out of five for its affordability, presentation, customer service and business integrity. One and a half stars were deducted for the first impression and the trips that had to be made back and forth to the store due to initial challenges with the phones’ function and chargers which could not fit electrical outlets in Barbados.

                           flag bim flag bim flag bim flag bim

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