Important Information for Returning Nationals and other Expatriates

View of the Barbados Port Authority Entrance at dusk Photo by Bajan Mom

View of the Barbados Port Authority Entrance at dusk
Photo by Bajan Mom

International relocation is a complex process which is made simpler by having the right information. One advantageous tool is the Returning Nationals information booklet, prepared by the Barbados Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade. Returning nationals are defined here as Barbadian citizens who are at least 50 years old that lived in Barbados for at least 183 days in a year at some time prior to leaving the country. Such persons should have lived overseas for at least ten years and deportees do not fall into this category. Despite the specific definitions, there is information in the booklet that is also useful to other migrants. This 58-page document is a gold mine of valuable knowledge about the rules and regulations governing an expatriate’s return. Addressed issues include:

  • granted concessions in regards to household effects, vehicles, etc.,
  • procedures to establish eligibility,
  • clearing your belongings,
  • varying charges,
  • customs brokerage, and
  • duty-free concessions.

Below is a link to the second edition of the booklet, published in March 2007.

Returning Nationals Information Booklet

Further information may be garnered from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Facilitation Unit for Returning Nationals, located at 1 Culloden Road, St. Michael. You may also telephone at 431-2200 or email

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